Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's in a name? #3

I just read a book in which one of the characters was called 'Jem Stone'. And nobody seemed to notice.

Any recommendations for my convalescent reading? I'm going through a book a day at the moment so Mr Koala will be sent to the library again very soon.


writtenwyrdd said...

I would have noticed that!

If you haven't read Michelle Sagara's Elantra Chronicles, they are lush fantasy.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley is one of my latest favorites. I've reread it half a dozen times since it came out about 3 years ago.

writtenwyrdd said...

Just caught up on the posts. (See what happens when I am too busy to read every blog I like for a week? Imiss important things like your surgery!)

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Glad you are recovering, and glad you didn't haven't anything serious wrong. Be well soon!

Robin S. said...

If they the book we read for the book chat- Sean Stewart's book Perfect Circle - that is one excellent read.

Also- if you haven't read Tim O'Brien, I'd recommend giving him a go.

Read Lolita lately?

P D James?

McKoala said...

Thanks WW and Robin! Mr Koala found Sunshine at the library, but no Michelle Sagara, Sean Stewart or Tim O'Brien.

Lolita! Funny one to ask about. I read it years ago.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hm. Thought I answered this one, but I guess I got distracted.

Tamora Pierce's Tortall series - 4 books of Alanna, 4 books of Daine, 4 books of Kethry, 2 books of the Trickster. There is another book in this series that I started to read and haven't returned to so can't recommend it and her other series (The Circle Opens) isn't my favorite either. For me, there are too many characters and it's splintered. I don't like splintered.

Lois McMaster Bujold - oh, just about any of hers. Lots of series here.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. First in a set of series but my favorite of them all. And he just came out with the immediate sequel to Ender's Game.

Elizabeth Moon - her Esmay Suiza series, Herris Serrano series, Paksenarrion series. The Speed of Dark - very different from the rest and really good.

All of the above - except for Card - feature strong female characters who kick butt. Card is strong kid characters kicking butt.

Here's to you kicking butt very soon.

ChrisEldin said...

I'm reading Edgar Sawtelle right now. I've been at it for a while, but it's actually very, very good.
You like dogs?