Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beware of your dreams

I read a sign today that said: Beware of your dreams, for they may come true. The dark streak inside me loved that thought. Then I re-read it and, alas, the real message was 'Be aware of your dreams, for they may come true'. Which I should have known as the shop was one of those fluffy-pillowed, candle-scented visions of tat that contains nothing of any use whatsoever.

But...to get back to my first, much better, reading of the sign. My life is full of examples of the danger of dreams. Take Mr Koala, who, while we lived in London, dreamed of returning to his sun-blessed homeland where everybody knocked off work at 5pm to go surfing and all the trains had functional aircon. When we rocked up at the doors of Oz, he discovered that he'd completely forgotten about the fact that, although winter is brief, it's darn cold without heating in the houses, that Aussies now have the longest working hours in the world and that the aircon on most trains had broken down during his twelve-year absence.

It's just another version of 'be careful what you wish for', I suppose - but I like it.


Whirlochre said...

I always wanted to drive around in a Ford Capri, but when I became old enough to drive one, they'd stopped making them.

So — you have to act on them immediately. I hate to quote Mrs Thatcher but she did once coin a great phrase in relation to a federal european state, calling it "yesterday's future." That's what you get if you act on dreams too late.

Personally, I'd never live in Oz because of all the giant poisonous spiders.

And the drop bears.

JaneyV said...

I occasionally get a hankering to move home. I search for houses and work out how my hubby can get to work (yes I have him commuting from Shannon to Gatwick). Then I go home for a weekend and all those things that drive me crazy about the place (the incessant rain -being only one) remind me why I left in the first place.

Maybe I should just dream about owning a summer home by the sea....

Aniket said...

You should have given the shop owner a tip or two to change the hoarding. :D

Children being afraid to sleep coz they are scared of dreaming. Awesome! (Sorry did I write that one aloud :D :D )

Well I still kinda wish dreams came true. I always dreamt of being married to Catherine Zeta Jones by the time I turned 24. That went down very well! I hate Michael Douglas.

Robin S. said...

Every time we move, I think it's gonna be marvy. Most of the time, I find myself disappointed.

Makes me worry about the next move, actually - and expectations.