Monday, May 25, 2009

Lazy Daisy

Just swanning around my desktop, checking out a few blogs. Here's a fabulous link from Janet Reid (so you know it's good stuff, right?). Toni McGee Causey - this post is a must read for anyone with children. You'll laugh, you'll cry...oh go on, just read it already.

And, as for the essentials of life, check this out. Link from Jorge Garcia. Oh, allright then from his blog. Link


Aniket said...

Okay, the link from Jorge was hilarious. But boy o' boy! Toni's writup was amazing on so many levels. I left her a comment there too.

But thank you for providing the link. A lovely read to start off the morning.

PS: I cought your 'my other name' part in the comments. :D :D

Don't worry I can keep a secret. :)

fairyhedgehog said...

Nice links. I really enjoyed the Mum one.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Just popping in to say Hi. And um, it's been a slow week writing-wise. Been a bit stressful here waiting for the Supreme Court decision on our marriage. Wait is almost over - finally, after they announced it for last Thursday and then put it off 'til today. Should be some interesting riots, um, peaceful demonstrations as a result. Let see if we make your news.

pacatrue said...

You read two Hawaii-located bloggers? Kinda strange. How many of us are there?

McKoala said...

Glad you liked them! Paca, I have no idea what's with the Hawaii thing. Looks like you Hawaiians secretly rule the world.

OK, Sarah, one more week on your current spot.