Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Koala movers and shakers

Up: JJde Goblin and Robin

Down: Blogless ('gone missing' might be more accurate)

Same: Chris (for her intention to write - I need to see actual wordcount by next week, though), Sarah (a week's grace for stress due to Prop 8).

In question...report in in 24 hours or I will drop you down anyway... Sylvia? Aerin? JC?

Now for the fun stuff...the Smacked Down. Whirl, largely healed from his scars, has actually written his 2000 word repentance, and, people, he reported that my wrath was a good incentive to write. See, see, how good I am being to all of you? Hm? Love, that's what I'm about. When Whirl fronts up with the final part of his punishment, the Link that Makes the Koala Laugh, he will be free from his enthralment in the Smacked Down Lounge. Any implication that Whirl may already have done this and The Koala may merely have lost track of the link in the chaos of her blog will result in your Going Direct To Smackdown, because The Koala is Never Wrong. Love, like I said. It's all about the lovin'.

Janey, hon...how's it going for you, babe?


J.C. Montgomery said...

I will get something up shortly. Right now I am trying very, very hard not to throw my new PC through an open window.

No really. I would rather do it through a closed one as it would make a more spectacular display. But unfortunately, I just can't afford to replace it.

My window.

Funny. I can surf the net. Visit some blogs, not all. Like mine.

I would even email you the information. But I can't even to that.

I am going to go get drunk, pass out, and hopefull when I wake up tomorrow all the problems will have worked themselves out.

If you don't here from me by then. I did eventually settle on throwing out an open window - me along with it.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Oh and please forgive the typos. I never realized how hard it is to function while one's brains are in the midst of exploding.

fairyhedgehog said...

hon...how's it going for you, babe? These words have never before sounded so sinister.

jjdebenedictis said...

Yay! I have risen above bum level again!

All hail the clawed and frighteningly toothsome Koala-of-Love.

writtenwyrdd said...

While your Koala Wrath might have been good incentive, I'm still glad I didn't join in the fray, as I'd likely have no ass left by this point.

Robin S. said...

I agree with FH! Oooooh. i'd be answering, oh yeah.

Chris Eldin said...


I love that you're doing this!

Okay, I took out book 2 of the Fat Chance series and read through it (all 30 pages). Ten pages polished. Fifty new words...

Will write more new words tomorrow. (But I wrote the goodbye post for Book Roast. Lots of new words coming together into sentences. Does that count?)

sylvia said...

I rewrote 2 chapters ! I've been good. Er, but not today because I'm hungover and not over the weekend because I'm travelling .... er, stop that look. I'll pack my notebook shall I? :/

J.C. Montgomery said...

Computer is functioning fine. Me? I never know.

This morning I'd just about checked myself in to a mental ward, when I thought about an old boyfriend and wrote this: Relative TermsI know it's not much, but at least I'm writing again.