Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hellooooo the end of May!

See bold para at the end of this post for an easy point for June! ('easy' is a relative term...)

Only a day or so to go, so in May have you...

Submitted a short story, poem or other short fiction submission to a competition or magazine (one point for each submission)?

Submitted an article (one point per article, no matter how many mags the article is submitted to)?

Written and/or edited at least 4000 words (one point)?

Written more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 2000 words of original writing (not editing)?

Edited more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 5000 words of editing) ?

Outlined/plotted 4000 words or more (one point for each 4000)?

Beta-read read a fellow writer's novel and provided feedback (one point)?

Completed and published a new author website (one point)?

Written your query? (one point)

Written your synopsis? (one point)

Submitted a novel to an agent or editor? (Straight up to Koala Approves!)

(Anyone who's on Koala Approves while waiting for an agent response, remember that you must keep writing/editing/submitting short stories in the next month. Anyone sitting on their laurels drops down a stage. However, if an agent asks you to make changes to a novel, you get to stay on Koala Approves for the duration of your editing and negotiations, provided you get those changes to him/her in time and remember your manners. Ask for an extension or moan about your potential agent and you drop down a stage.)

A reminder... Points cannot be held over for a following month. The Koala wants consistent effort. The Koala is always right.

With the Submission of the Great Dissertation (making Paca into Doctor Paca) and the Commencement of the Great Blog (making Phoenix into Evil Editor Birdie), there are no more Special Furry or Bird Rules.

However...there will be a point for everybody who participates in Paca's Voice Fest. Some of us have done this before and the results vary from passionate and articulate to, um, the rest of us. Click here for more info and follow the Paca Posts for the final decision as to what we will be reading.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where do you write?

While preparing yourself for the end of month reporting (coming soon!), hie thee to thy writing spot and tell us a little something about it.

Where do you sit? What do the surroundings look like? What can you hear? What can you smell? And what do you need to kick off your best writing?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

April scores finally up!

The Koala is back downunder, nestled in the branches of the eucalypt. Those silver birches are all very fine, but they do poke one in the back so dreadfully. And the leaves - not quite so tasty as those from the beloved eucalypt.

Apologies for the delay, *koffs out some more ash*, but let the shredding begin!

Not a bad month overall, most of you are keeping your little noses to the grindstone. Kudos to Aniket for hanging on to his three points and to Paca for, under Special Furry Rules, submitting his dissertation and heading straight to the top for the first and possibly the only time (dissertation being all done now). By the way, his dissertation was of such fine calibre that we must now refer to him as Dr Paca and genuflect in his presence. Except for me of course. (Did I eve tell you about my doctorate in Eucalypt Studies from the University of Marsupials? Ah, well, that's a story for another time...)

OK, so... who didn't report in? Chris, but I happen to know she's been submitting, so she is safe again (grr)*. Nothing from Catvibe and mdames60, and no second chances this month (in that I gave you one already, so get those Smackdown badges up on your blogs right now, young ladies).

As for Janey, her butt is so shredded there is nothing more for the Koala to sink her claws into, so I've despatched the Goblin with her toenail pliers. You will hear the shrieks, wherever you are.

Enough fun, back to your desks everybody.

*she sent a missive by private bat mail, it's very efficient, but that fruit bat poop doesn't half make a mess of my nice leaves.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This is not me!

While googling myself, as one does, I found a host of McKoala impostors. Shock! Horror!

This is not me.

This is also not me.

Nor is this (scroll down to second bottom entry). Or this.

And if you are of a strong constitution, check this one out. But it wasn't me. (Either behind or in front of the camera).

It's perturbing actually. I have been McKoala for a very long time and I'm not too enchanted by the prospect of sharing my identity. Some people might mistake the less tasteful utterings of the other McKoala's for mine.

I can't really take my wrath out on them, perfect strangers that they are. However, I do have a handy whipping wench right here. Step forward O'Koala, if you dare...

Monday, May 03, 2010

There will be a slight delay...

...because, The Koala, while on her travels, has left her computer cable in another destination. I will squeeze what life I can out of the battery, but will wait until I'm fully charged to put up the April stats. Look out for them at the start of next week.

Use the time as you wish. Save yourself, if necessary, and post new stats below. But then, remember, you will have a very short May...

Benevolent, me, oh yes.