Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Statistics!

Is the steam hissing from the end of your pen? Are there blisters on the ends of your poor little fingers? Are the moths the only things left in your wallet after you've spent all your pennies on query stampage? Then the Koala is proud!

So, in September, have you...

Submitted a short story, poem or other short fiction submission to a competition or magazine (one point for each submission)?

Submitted an article (one point per article, no matter how many mags the article is submitted to)?

Written and/or edited at least 4000 words (one point)?

Written more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 2000 words of original writing (not editing)?

Edited more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 5000 words of editing) ?

Outlined/plotted 4000 words or more (one point for each 4000)?

Beta-read read a fellow writer's novel and provided feedback (one point)?

Completed and published a new author website (one point)?

Written your query? (one point)

Written your synopsis? (one point)

Submitted a novel to an agent or editor? (Straight up to Koala Approves!)

(Anyone who's on Koala Approves while waiting for an agent response, remember that you must keep writing/editing/submitting short stories in the next month. Anyone sitting on their laurels drops down a stage. However, if an agent asks you to make changes to a novel, you get to stay on Koala Approves for the duration of your editing and negotiations, provided you get those changes to him/her in time and remember your manners. Ask for an extension or moan about your potential agent and you drop down a stage.)

A reminder... Points cannot be held over for a following month. The Koala wants consistent effort. The Koala is always right.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Start scrambling!

The end of the month is nigh! Get those last wise words slapped down on paper; send those last queries wafting out on the breeze of hope... the Koala Countdown is imminent!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

As requested...update from The Eucalypt!

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up...what's that you say? Autumn? Winter? Pah, I spit gumnuts on your seasonal misery! Spring is sprung and the weeds are riz, I know where the birdies iz. Third level of The Eucalypt, fourth branch, right at the end, in their nest.

The little Koalas will shortly start a two-week break from school. They hopped in the pool last weekend, but came out as if on springs, because the water was freezing. Yes, we taped it. Heh heh. Soccer Boy has started summer soccer and will also play Oztag; Princess is happy with gymnastics. She's finally cracked the cartwheel. Mr Koala slaves away daily in his place of slavery, then comes home and grumbles; I slave daily in my place of slavery, then come home and write stuff :-).

The Eucalypt is flourishing, but we are looking forward to a visit from Mr Electrician, who may finally be able to tell us which light connects to which switch and cease the random turning on and off that goes on every night.

This isn't a very exciting update is it? Well, you did ask. I promise you a more thrilling one in the future. In the meantime, I must go and hunt down a hairy haggis, for I have promised to introduce some of the local koalas into the wondrous world of Scotland's finer foods this Saturday...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get your critical chops around this

This is a song lyric:

"I've got six things on my mind
You're no longer one of them."

Question 1 - without Googling - name that band! And the song. No googling - I just want to know if anyone is as tragic as I am.

Question 2 - critique this little sentence - why do you think it's so effective? (Because it is, you know. Well, it works on me. Stuck in my head for many years effective.)

August stats up!

Travis, PJD, Aerin and Janey - any stats for me? Or it's straight to Smackdown my luvvies.