Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Naughty November

Look out for our end-of-year awards, coming soon! But in the meantime...were you naughty in November? Or did Nanowrimo save you from the Claws of Doom?

So, in November, have you...

Submitted a short story, poem or other short fiction submission to a competition or magazine (one point for each submission)?

Submitted an article (one point per article, no matter how many mags the article is submitted to)?

Written and/or edited at least 4000 words (one point)?

Written more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 2000 words of original writing (not editing)?

Edited more than the basic 4000 words (one additional point for each 5000 words of editing) ?

Outlined/plotted 4000 words or more (one point for each 4000)?

Beta-read read a fellow writer's novel and provided feedback (one point)?

Completed and published a new author website (one point)?

Written your query? (one point)

Written your synopsis? (one point)

Submitted a novel to an agent or editor? (Straight up to Koala Approves!)

(Anyone who's on Koala Approves while waiting for an agent response, remember that you must keep writing/editing/submitting short stories in the next month. Anyone sitting on their laurels drops down a stage. However, if an agent asks you to make changes to a novel, you get to stay on Koala Approves for the duration of your editing and negotiations, provided you get those changes to him/her in time and remember your manners. Ask for an extension or moan about your potential agent and you drop down a stage.)

A reminder... Points cannot be held over for a following month. The Koala wants consistent effort. The Koala is always right.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In 2008 I was a better blogger...

...even when I'd just come out of hospital it was only a day or two between blogs.

"Still not quite firing on all cylinders here. Thinking about doing lots of things. Not actually doing any of them.

Grandma still in hospital with massive headache. Nobody knows how many stitches she has, because the consultant says he lost count half way. Hoping she'll get out later this week.

Mostly I'm reading. I have many intelligent things to say about my reading. Not actually saying any of them.

I'm popping up randomly here and there on the blogosphere, but this is not the time to look out for me. I think Paca's Teddies will lynch me for a woeful performance in the quiz this month.

Well, if I've been up for two hours, it must be time to go back to bed now..."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

If I could turn back time...

...why yes, I can!

Pacatrue, the world's best Professor Alpaca, suggested we look back to 2008. We'll be spending some time over at Evil Editor and putting up some 2008-related posts - I'll put up a list of who's participating later. In the meantime, back in 2008, it turns out that I'd just come out of hospital after a minor operation - and family disasters, rather than writing were on my mind... Anybody remember this? Posted November 14, 2008:

"Here, but owie. Post surgery not quite as awful as I had thought, but a bit tired and sore now and mostly located in bed/on sofa. Got home from hospital yesterday; within a few hours mother-in-law had a fall and is now occupying my vacancy in the hospital. As my nephew put it, 'as soon as one comes out, another one goes in'. She's had many stitches in her head, but apparently no concussion and should get out later today. Her accident happened at the kids school where, bless them, an off duty ambulance officer and nurse (both parents) were on the scene. They worked hard, but they couldn't stop the bleeding that has traumatised half of the infants department; we're still getting calls from parents of freaked-out kids who want to ensure that Soccer Boy's Grandma didn't bleed to death. No, and she is issuing orders from her hospital bed about where her cane should be positioned, who to call and where her car should be parked etc., so we're hoping for a quick recovery.

It never rains but it...you know the one."

Also turning back time...

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I'll add more as I find them. And keep your eyes on EE for some more old timer activity.

October stats

Is it just me or are there fewer and fewer people who I approve of each month?

Maybe Nano will bring some of you back up again!


Cat of Arc

Haven't heard from you! For a while, in some cases...

In other news, this blog, and a few others, will be returning to 2008 this week. So look out for some old, but juicy, posts!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Any more October stats????

Hoping to update tomorrow, any more statistics/confessions?