Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Koala Offers Summer Vacations

I have benevolently decided that all Koala Challengees may take a two-week summer vacation. You decide when to take it (all heart, me). I'm guessing Sylvia is taking a week right now, and Blogless, you've had yours, my friend, don't you go asking for more, oh Mr Two Weeks In The Sunshine.

Just post your vacation status wherever you usually post your stats.

And I'd like to welcome the lovely Precie to our victim, um, participant list. It's good to see you back around the blogs! Even better to see you volunteer for this (accidental volunteering counts, sorry). Just update me on your word count, or I can check your blog, which I usually do every week or two for those who have wordometers there.

Which brings me to...

Koala Warning!: The eucalypt goes on the market this week, so I am almost finished the branch primping, which means my slackness in checking up on your stats is over. Get 'em updated fastish, because I'll be visiting you all this week and I expect wordage my friends, big wordage!

I will also be officially ending my own End of WIP Break, so I'm back in the rankings. Don't say I'm not a fair bear. (Actually I'm not a bear at all, but I liked the rhyme...)


Robin S. said...

Uh oh. better bring ya up to speed, quickly, oh mighty Koala woman...I edited today, also organized novel notes. Tomorrow, I'm spending hours editing. Seriously. Hours. 3 or 4 straight.

On vacation from the 2nd through the 5th, baby.

jjdebenedictis said...

I beg permission from Her Great Marsupial Benevolence to take my vacation in December.

Santa hires temp elves around then, and in a pinch, he'll take Goblins. However, the flux capacitor on the sleigh plays havoc with computers, so I don't want to risk taking my laptop with me.

Whirlochre said...

oh scrupulus marsupulus
thanks for being generous
i know our crimes are heinous
but we do not want to die

blessed are the fluffy bears
whose mercy answers all our prayers
may choicest eucalypt be theirs
and possibly a pie

Robin S. said...

Oh my God, Whirl. That's killer good!

writtenwyrdd said...

I wrote 2300 words yesterday, but I'm afraid today so far is a big fat zero--further proof as to why I am not participating, lol.

I hope the house sale and house purchase goes smoothly.

Chris Eldin said...

Do you have to take your two weeks all at once?

I would like 3 1/2 days starting yesterday...


sylvia said...

You are so good to us!

I'm back on track for Monday (actually, I wrote 100 words today, too!) having survived various melt-down AND the BBQ.

Um, if anyone is interested in left-over chicken wings, I might have over-catered just a bit.

And I think I have an easy way to show tracking of my current project in ywriter which could be good, I'll link to it here for updates if it works.

sylvia said...

WO: that was excellent!

J.C. Montgomery said...

Due to some health concerns, as in I've seen my doctor more often in the last two weeks than my husband, I will be taking two weeks starting tomorrow. As in I will be back to the doctor's. Again. *sigh*

Nothing serious. At worst I get a referral to a specialist to tell me what my doctor can't. I'm fine. I just give really wicked test results that no one can decipher because they make no sense.

As anyone who knows me can attest, "I ain't wired right."

Anywhosits. Thanks for the reprieve and I hope to be back up and running with something new from my slush pile.

Oh, and welcome Precie!!

Don't mind if we throw you under the bus once and a while dear, nothing personal. It's in the rules. Fine print and all.

McKoala said...

Thank you for the updates and saving my poor claws from excessive keyboard tapping. It blunts them, you see. And I like to keep them sharp for, well, you know...

Winter holidays are permitted. In lieu of summer.

Whirl, see sidebar.

Sarah Laurenson said...

So this past week was one for me. I'll be blogging soon about our anniversary trip and kissing in front of the anti-gay protesters.

In December, I will be writing, but I may not be internet attached. We'll see what we can work out, I'm sure.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Best of luck with the eucalypt!!!

blogless troll said...

I intend to file an appeal for the balance of my two-week summer vacation as only the final 5 days actually occurred in the season of summer. The initial 9 day period, having occurred prior to the summer solstice, is more correctly classified as an End-Of-Spring Break and therefore should not be applied to the above granted summer vacation.

As a compromise, I would be willing to forgo any claims of additional summer vacation owed to me in return for the unused End-Of-Spring Break balances belonging to the remaining Koala Challengees, who no doubt were not informed in a timely manner of their right to an End-Of-Spring Break, calculated using the now standard 9 day period multiplied by the number of other Challengees, or roughly 90 days.

McKoala said...

*switches on the claw sharpener*

Blogless, come over here and say that.

Precie said...

Woooo, hope the eucalypt transition goes smoothly...meaning I hope that, as quickly as the current one sells, I hope you just as quickly find and sign on a shinier, happier one. :)

Thanks for the welcome!
1) I did make my goal last week...managed approx 1K. Better than nothing, supposedly.
2) I'll likely just keep updating in your comments. You're welcome to visit my blog (to which I just e-mailed you an invitation), but why make you wander the internets?

McKoala said...

why make you wander the internets?

Thoughtful. The Koala likes thoughtful. She sometimes rewards it.

sylvia said...

You're welcome to visit my blog (to which I just e-mailed you an invitation), but why make you wander the internets?

Yeah, we are all much happier with the Koala safe at home....

(er, 100 words yesterday and today isn't over until I go to bed, right?)

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