Friday, June 12, 2009

The parking ticket was an omen

After three hours at the bank, which gained me hundreds of thousands of dollars and a parking ticket, we bid on the house - twice - got beat - twice. Boo hoo. No tennis court for the Koalas.

Looking at some more places tomorrow and continuing to prep ours for sale. Will drop by when I can, but things continue frantic!

*Updated to add Koala stats... some up, some static, only one dramatic change...


ah, that feels better...punishment details will follow...or Whirl can tell you...*


Robin S. said...

Oh, I'm sorry, McK! We went in the other direction with ours (unfortunately). Bought the house we just knew we were gonna love - and hate it. It doesn't fit us at all, and we're moving as soon as is feasible after Blondster gradutaes from high school and leaves the area for college/uni next year. It will have been five years we've been in this house - in a great neighborhood, blah blah blah - in a house that that we have come to hate, for it is a vortex of money-suckness - not to mention it's so open plan if you cough in the back living room - you can hear the cough on the long opposite end of the house, in the front living room. Bummer.

So...good luck with your house hunting - and you never know - maybe that omen turned out to be a good omen. Maybe your real dream home awaits, honey...

jjdebenedictis said...

Sorry about the house and yard. I wish you the best luck finding and buying somewhere even better.


*digs out the pincers*

Sarah Laurenson said...

So sorry to hear that. Probably floods in the rainy season.

Good luck with the continuing saga!

I edited 4 1/2 chapters last weekend. Planning on writing this weekend. Kristin said 'no, thanks' to the partial. Planning on the next round of submissions this weekend, too. First have to peruse the agent lists and figure out who.

writtenwyrdd said...

That's really too bad! I hope another wonderful house opportunity lands in front of you soon!

Aniket said...

May the Koala shall find the tennis court or hunting ground whichever she loves more, soon. :)

Whirlochre said...

Whatever happens, you'll get the house you'll end up living in.

As for me, I got what I deserved and I sympathise with the errant Troll.

pacatrue said...

McK, the Magic are down 3 - 1 in the NBA Finals. You can't expect BT to write under such conditions.

Sorry about the house!

J.C. Montgomery said...

And a parking ticket on top of everything. Here's to hoping that big marsupial above has better plans for you.

We were lucky, I knew our agent through the vet hospital I worked at and our experience couldn't have been any better.

The only way I would move is if that house down on the river ever went up for sale and I win the lottery that same day.

Yeah. Any day now. I feel it.

I need to update my numbers as that story I was working on took a helluva turn. Seems my heroine (in a dark and evil kinda way) found her moral compass somehow and decided that killing her grandfather was not going to happen. She has dug in her boots and refuses to budge until I not only let him live, but make him a main character.

I just have to figure out which scares me more, the clacking of bloody claws or a Texan with an attitude.

Come onnnnn lottery!

ril said...

Robin S. said...
...and we're moving as soon as is feasible after Blondster gradutaes from high school and leaves the area for college/uni next year.

Are you gonna tell her?

So, what kind of crazy, messed up real-estate system do they have in Australia that McKoalas can't get the house they want at a price lower than all other bidders?