Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Something a little different

Mr Koala and I are contemplating the purchase of a new eucalypt. (In the middle of a recession, yay! Gulp.)

We live in a beautifully renovated eucalypt with four double bedrooms, two living areas, swimming pool and landscaped garden. It's seriously gorgeous. The eucalypt that has caught our eye is a dodgy old eucalypt with three small bedrooms, no pool and a wilderness outside the front door, complete with redback-riddled brick barbecue, plus a car port and shed that are so shonky the council has insisted that they be imminently demolished. So what is it about this eucalypt that appeals to us? My honeys, despite being located in the middle of a brick suburb, this eucalypt enjoys a land size of twice the size of most blocks around here, including a tennis court. There is some serious outdoor fun to be had at this place. And the renovation potential is massive - although, if we do purchase it, we will be so short on cash it's not funny and no renovation will take place for a number of years. Which will mean us living in what is essentially a three-bedroom place, with one not-particularly-big living area and a small kitchen. It does also have a downstairs/basement area, whose legality is questionable, but that could be used for storage and as a rumpus - however, with no internal stairs I would need something like a spy cam and a walkie talkie to keep an eye on the baby koalas! (Occasionally they claw one another. I know, I know, it's the parenting.)

So what with visits and valuations and stressing about who else is chasing our not-so-dream home, we're a little busy, busy, busy up here in the eucalypt. Nope, no writing. But that's OK, because I'm on a post-WIP break! As for the rest of you... I'll be checking up soon, so get those stats updated.


writtenwyrdd said...

Well, my furry clawed friend, you must make this decision for yourself. But, having spend the past 8 years sinking twice what I paid for the dilapidated 110 year old house with "charm" and "curb appeal" and the big big lot--I wish to high heaven I had never seen the place. I can't sell it for anything close to what it's worth to me, and it would cost more than three such houses to buy if I upgraded and renovated. Costs are so ridiculous for that sort of work these days!

If it were me, I'd run away, screaming with my hair on fire. Because as sure as bad luck hits you when you're down, if you stretch the budget with a place like this, something unexpected will happen to wreck said budget. With me it was half the foundation suddenly beginning to give way.

I hope whatever decision you folks make you are happy with it. I loved my old house but jeez it cost me the moon!

Robin S. said...

If you can do the work yourselves, God help you, and more power to you, sorta.

Or if you can write checks and not mind, go baby go!

But we bought a house that needed an addition to make it a good fit for us, over four years ago. And we're still in it. And it's still not finished.

But even so - if you love it, you love it, and you'll regret it if you don't give it a shot - so hope you get it!

Sarah Laurenson said...

This is my first house and the kitchen cabinets are still 8 shades of colors some 6 years later. They started peeling right after I moved in. Every once in awhile, I peel off a little more paint.

Sent the zit boy query out to 5 agents recently and got a request for partial from Kristin Nelson. I'll be fretting over the second half of the book this weekend making sure it really is where I want it to be. All editing and no writing.

Whirlochre said...

Abandoning a swimming pool takes some guts.

Meanwhile, here at Whirl Towers, 8 years after moving in, we're still uncovering the previous owners DIY nightmares. And getting his free porn in the post...

fairyhedgehog said...

I wouldn't take on a house that needed renovation but then my Beloved and I are both crap at DIY, or even at getting someone else to do it for us. It's a big decision to make either way.

I do wonder though, how come you get a special dispensation from writing while others are still nursing vicious claw wounds?

Aniket said...

A very tough decision indeed. You must choose wisely Oh Mighty furry one! :D

Times are really tough. :( But then you might get a better deal around this time. Am not helping am I? :D :D

But it has a basement! Basement is a must. Its a great place to stash the dead bodies. Just in case you know. :D :D :D :D

Okay, I'll stop now. :)
Good luck, with your choices.