Monday, June 08, 2009

What was he thinking?

Still running around, chasing estate agents and banks and trying to figure out what to do. We now know the house we are looking at is structurally sound (I know Written, fingers crossed!) and the renovation options we are interested in (cash permitting) are all possible, plus that our house is probably worth enough to make the whole thing possible. What we don't know is if our bank would release us from our fixed rate mortgage - which only has a year to run - without penalty, even if we remortgage with them, and for more. The penalty is punitive enough that we don't want to pay it, even if it means we can't buy the new place. But, I hear you say, you're offering them more business in the shape of a bigger, juicier mortgage, plus you've already proved you pay regularly and are generally lovely clients. All correct. Banks are stooopid, it seems.

Speaking of stooopid, there are just so many reasons why this is a stooopid idea. A bear-proof hunting suit weighing a mere 147 pounds. Nippy. And does it work...?

Link courtesy of Whirlochre, and, yes, it made me laugh, so that, plus his 2000 words in a week raises him back up to Happy Koala level. It's all downhill from there, of course...

Thanks to those of you who have dropped in with stats updates, I hope to do a checkarama in a day or so, and saving me a few clicks and a lot of time causes me to look with some favour upon you and may even make the difference between dropping down and staying put. Hint, hint.


J.C. Montgomery said...

I was soooo productive last week. (Read: I was so pissed off at the problems I was having with my blog template I redesigned my whole site)

I did a lot of work on a new idea. I would loved to have done something with my old WIP's, but we're on the outs right now and there's not enough See's in the world to get us talking again.

01-Jun = 202
02-Jun = 324
03-Jun = 152
04-Jun = redesigned blog
05-Jun = 234
06-Jun = 104

jjdebenedictis said...

153/291/108/622/day off/844/156

Here, I'll save you some more time.

*pats own head*

Good Goblin. Gooooood Goblin.

By the way, Writtenwyrdd mentioned the Hawthorne effect today. The Hawthorne effect is basically that people who know they are watched are more efficient.

No word on whether being watched by a clawed marsupial is particularly effective, but I suspect it is.

writtenwyrdd said...

I congratulate you on your future home. Best wishes and cryptic pagan dances to shoo away disasters are coming your way. (Barring that you might try the never fail chant, "Itsagonnawork, Itsagonnawork...")

I haven't written a thing, but I'm doing the edits for my story for Electric Spec today.

Whirlochre said...

I'm having similar dilemmae about a new bathroom suite. It ought to be straightforward, but it isn't. We have a Problem Loo, it seems, and moving it will add to the cost of the overall project in ways that defy reason.

And, yes — it's all downhill from here...

pjd said...

A hundred thousand dollars (I'm guessing Canadian, which is about eighty bucks US plus a six pack of Moosehead if I remember) and seven years of research?

Iron Man, he is not.

But he is very funny.

Robin S. said...

Good luck with your house!!! Hope all goes the way you want, sweetie.

As for me, I am actively editing - whittling word count.

jjdebenedictis said...

Oy, PJD; these days, it's 91,000 US bucks plus a case of Moosehead and seven years research.

Remember, it's your economy in the crapper right now (speaking of problem loos.)

Chris Eldin said...

I hope you get the house you and your husband are talking about. But the banks everywhere are a bit stooopid as you say.
Did the man in the grizzly suit get hurt? I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't if he got hurt. I'm just picturing one of my kids doing that in a few years. Seriously...

Word count--will come back after I write some more. Promise!!

Chris Eldin said...

I wrote! I wrote!
Mckoala, I love that you're doing this!
I will be more careful in the future to keep track of exact word count, but it's about 500 for the week. That's a good start for me because I've been revising and getting back into the mood of my story, and learning about my characters.
Thanks Chica!!