Sunday, May 25, 2008

From New Zealand to...Penrith

Yes, after our big trip to New Zealand we spent another weekend away, this time in the exotic suburb of Penrith. Ah, the beauty of the shopping centre! The majesty of the Panthers stadium! Um, well, yes. It was more about the friends that live there.

Soccer Boy's game on Saturday - another flogging of an innocent team. 15-1, with Soccer Boy scoring 5 of the 15. 'Massively undergraded' is now the phrase of the week and, in fact, this week the manager is going to request regrading.

Regular blogging to resume shortly.


Whirlochre said...

Sounds like a much more exciting game than this year's FA Cup Final.

Stuart Neville said...

Looks like you've got a miniature David Beckham on your hands.

Robin S. said...

Go, Soccer Boy. 5 of 15, huh?


If they regrade, will they inch the team up just a notch - or will they catapulty the kids? I'd hate it if their invincible good times were absolutely smashed. Doesn't seem right. (But of course, I realize I'm not a mom on the being-trounced-to-death opposing teams! But still- childhood invincibility - even if only on the playing field - is a good good thing.)

McKoala said...

WO and Conduit, I'm not sure that Soccer Boy is much more than average in skills, but he makes up for it with dedication. He won an award at soccer cam p for good manners and hard work!

Robin, I'm not sure what will happen. We have to swap with another team above us that's getting crushed. So it could be a grade or two, or even more. We've explained to the boys that once they're moved they probably won't win every week, but they are happy enough, because most of them want to improve their skills and it's actually not so much fun when the game is too easy. We have one boy who will struggle, but we'll nurse him along and make sure he gets some moments in the sun like all his friends.

laughingwolf said...

google ate my post... grrrr

super player, soccer boy! :)