Thursday, February 19, 2009


So many of us have furry/feathered/scaled companions - so let them take the stage for a moment.

What pet do you have? How did he/she come into your life? Habits, quirks, cutenesses?


Bevie said...

I (we) have a cat named Firestar. He came into our house when Spouse acted on an impulse and stopped to get a "free" kitten. No such thing as a free live animal. They need to be fed and cared for.

Firestar is aggressive, but fun. I have become his buddy, I think. Probably because I'm home with him all the time. He can be just as affectionate as he can be mean.

Since you asked, I'll offer that you can learn more by visiting his blog: Cat in the Buff.

freddie said...

I have cats Orson and Gatsby. Technically, Orson isn't mine, but he spends a lot more time with me than with his owner. Gatsby is mine, and I got him from a professor whose wife was allergic. He's full Siamese and the goofiest cat I've ever come into contact with. Also the most aggressive, but he's very affectionate.

pjd said...

Two cats, named Annie and Alice (only because my wife wouldn't let me name them Poncho and Gunnar). Got them from a shelter. They are not sisters. About as different in temperament as you can imagine. Here they are a year ago as kittens.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Two dogs (ADHDoggie and OCDoggie - not their real names) and one cat who thinks he's a dog.

I talked about Buddy recently on my blog here.

Chuy is my wife's dog. He's a rescue from a golf course. He has a healthy aggression towards golf clubs and a fear of sprinkler systems. He's a min-pin mix, but taller. Still all the min-pin craziness. I have to get a video of him on my blog. He's very funny.

Fred was rescued (by my wife) in Fredricksberg, TX. He's very aloof unless he's not feeling well and likes to sleep on any and every bed in the house. Poor boy has a chronic condition that they don't know why it started or when it might stop. So we're thankful for the time he decides he wants to spend with us.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Between two extra night things this week, the constant bits and drabs of jury service, having to work when I'm not in court, and Buddy hurting his leg and needing carried a lot including to the vet, I'm screwed this week.

But I do have a new idea for a writing, publishing, marketing venture that I will work on fleshing out today. Do those words count?

Phoenix said...

Ooh, ooh, the chance to talk about my beasties. That'll get me out of lurkdom every time.

I have a small but growing farm that I call "Rainbow's End," so lots of pets to keep me busy (and a chance here to inventory them):

* 4 horses - miniatures and pony crosses
* 2 pygmy goats
* 3 dogs - mutts
* 3 cats - domestic short hairs
* 3 guineas
* 30 chickens - various breeds, a few bantams
* 1 pekin duck
* 12 parakeets
* 2 zebra finches
* 1 iguana

The two goats, two of the dogs, two of the cats, and one chicken all have strayed up to the house following the apparent neon sign posted that promises safe haven to all homeless animals.

The other cat came with the house when I bought it four years ago.

The other dog and the iguana are rescues.

I work from home (bliss) for a hi-tech firm, and during tense conference calls, it's always a fun stress reliever when my roosters or guineas sound off from the yard (they free-range during the day).

So, how many koalas do you have, McK?

pacatrue said...

2 guinea pigs - Macchu Picchu and Babababa. They were intended to be training pets for B who was running away from cats and dogs, but he hardly ever touches them and likes petting cats and dogs now. Does that mean it worked?

J.C. Montgomery said...

Up until a few weeks ago we were petless. After having so many throughout our lives, losing our previous kitty nearly did us in. Our heartbreak was that great.

But 2 years later we again felt an emptiness that only a furry friend could fill.

We kept an eye on the SPCA site and saw several we thought would be wonderful to adopt. This is how we found our Jolie.

We never use that name though, we simply call her 'Pretty Kitty' which she seems to like.

That and her food dish. Full. Constantly.

Her dislikes? The same as every other pet I've had - closed doors. I try to draw the line at the door to the potty room, but as long as she has four legs to my two, I doubt I will be allowed alone in there ever again.

And what am I thinking when I take a book in there with me when my hands and mind are so much better distracted by scratching behind an ear or rubbing a furry belly.

I am soooo owned it's not funny.

But I'm loving every minute of it.

McKoala said...

'Cat in the Buff' - a star in the making. Comedy, I think. Maybe some drama. 'Firestar' is such an awesome name! Is that him in your avatar?

Cool names, Freddie. Cats do that, don't they? I wish one would do it to me, although Pollydog might not help. Mr Koala is strongly anti-cat, so no legal cat purchase would be authorised.

Hm, PJD, your names were cooler... Cute, though. I love kittens.

What is a min-pin, Sarah? I remember Buddy's walk, that was a very pleasant experience to share! As for koala claws, because an injured dog was involved, I will satisfy The Koala by dropping you down only one level. Marketing ideas might count, I'm thinking about that one.

Heh, Phoenix, I was expecting a post from you! I have no idea how you manage so many animals and work too! You're like a farmer who moonlights in hi-tech.

More cool names from House of Paca. I have a friend whose dog has adopted their guinea pigs and treats them like her puppies - she licks them clean, plays with them and spanks them as necessary. On the other hand, a cat would probably just eat them. Just saying...

JC, Pollydog believes in Potty Support as well. I have to keep the toilet roll out of her reach, though, or she runs away with it and doesn't bring it back.

Robin S. said...

Fun, hearing about all the pets!!

I had a dog Cindy when I was young.

Once I was out on my own, I went kitty (mostly).

First, I had two sleek black boy cats, got them when they were seven weeks old or so. Named them Beckett (as in Samuel) and Chaucer.

Next, a girl cat named Annie, who was killed by a car.

Then, a cool cat named Conrad - died young but happy- a big fight. God, I loved that cat. Golden color, extremely bright, suave and cool.

Then, Dale. 17 years of gorgeous and stupid. He was my baby boy.

Now, Madison the mad cat, since Blondster's birthday last May 1.

Damn. This is fun. Good idea, McK!

Bevie said...

Firestar is the name of the Main Character cat in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

No, my Avatar is not Firestar. Firestar is more buff colored (hence, his blog title, Cat in the Buff).

My Avatar is a scan from a giant poster book of cats I got years ago.

sylvia said...

I wasn't really sure if I should respond or not but reading about the other pets made me feel all melancholy. We had a very young kitten who got lost from his litter - he showed up lost and alone at the back gate. At the time, a friend of mine was nagging me to take part in one of those photograph a day contests. I was taking so many photos of the kitten that I decided to do it focussing on him.

When he was 6 months old, he got run over by a car and I'm still kinda miserable about it. But the photos? They are great. I am so glad I did that and my son still goes through them. "Remember when?"

So a bit sad, sorry! But I haven't had a pet since, unless you count gold fish.

( is the start of the photos if anyone likes kittens. You have to press > to step forward)

sylvia said...
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