Sunday, February 01, 2009

The shame, the shame

Yes, The Koala has been forced to moderately threaten herself after squandering her weekly day off for no particular reason and then discovering that the weekend is just not a good time to catch up. Especially when there is a family party on one day, and a lunch that merges into a dinner on the next.

Better make up for it today, hadn't I?

Also, the new month is starting over at Aerin's Random Complexity Challenge. Speaking of which, JaneyV and JC Montgomery are rather cleverly keeping a running total of Koala Words. I thoroughly approve of this, because I have no idea how much I actually wrote in January. Let's do it! I also like The Troll's method of keeping seven days word count up, because it makes it much easier for me to keep track. Blogless, you're back on Approves as a bonus, because You Have Pleased the Koala. Diligent Janey and JC are already there.

In other's Hot and Sweaty Down Under with no respite in sight...I'm meeelting...meeelting... And feeling less smug about the heat than usual.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Oh no! Not the great meeelt!

I've had the same type of issues where things happen and the writing time shrinks to nothing some days. Wound up with 2 0 days this week. And a couple of days of really crappy, crappy words that I now need to edit into shape.

But I'm rededicating myself to the effort and will start with the weekly tracking.

McKoala said...

What? What? Disgraceful. You had me fooled - I must have visited you on the two days you wrote! Come down to moderate threat with me.

Sarah Laurenson said...


McKoala said...

But I do appreciate your honesty, don't think for one moment that I don't. Normally, I might even have just dropped you by only one level, such is my appreciation for self-dobbing. But I was lonely down there.

JaneyV said...

I took yesterday off. This means I have to write every day this week. SODS! I'm going to keep a weekly total and a running total. Then I will feel totally motivated. guffaw! guffaw!

I might be late with the count today though as we're snowed in! It's a snow day in SE England... and I must go walk the pooch!

jason evans said...

Get that girl some air conditioning!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Move over, cuddly one. Give a girl some room to commiserate.

fairyhedgehog said...

Self-inflicted claw injuries are the worst.

jjdebenedictis said...

*smacks you on the koala buttock*

*runs away quickly, whimpering in fear*

laughingwolf said...

stay hydrated, mc... not good to lose you :(

with the bonus 1000 i got from aerin, my total is 1750+

i'm posting 55 per day, + an additional 55 to make up having started on 19 january... so at my current rate, will pass 13,000 for the year

that's not counting the odd 6-word tale i'm also posting ;)

Robin S. said...

McK, I'm only writing query letters this week, and then I'm taking Monday off so I have a three day weekend to read through notes and polish up my novel - and it will be an all day each day endeavor. I have a Koala threat?

Just checking to see what sign I should have.

J.C. Montgomery said...

Oh dear. I need a ruling from the Koala for today (02-Feb) as I did not make my word count.

You see I got married today. But not sure this counts towards getting a special dispensation per the Koala’s list of proper excuses:

(1) Extreme Weather Conditions. Well, it did get pretty misty in there from all the crying. But I told him to buck it up as I think it unbecoming for the groom to cry more than the bride.

(2) Tragedy. Not a broken nail or cranky baby koala to be had; however a riot was barely avoided when it was realized that the establishment we had chosen for lunch did not have a liquor license.

I defer to your Eucalyptus Munching Greatness and will accept any due punishment thought appropriate, or can I please make up the count by doubling up on another day.

I put myself and my fate into your merciful claws.

McKoala said...

LOL at all your thoughts. Apart from JJdeGoblin. A claw scratch for you, missy.

LW, I didn't know you were in the game. Want me to officially add you?

Robin, Robin, always pushing the rules... But for your thousands of words of dedication so far, OK, I approve. Exciting times.

JC, you have got to be kidding! Special dispensation, issued, along with congratulations and sorrow for the lack of liqour license. How long are you requesting? Honeymoon?! Under these circumstances the koala can be almost human.

Chris Eldin said...

Just watched the video in your post below, LOL!!!!

Yes, those things happen. Weekends are still always busy, aren't they. I think you need to have a sick day so you can get a better badge on your sidebar.

I LOVE how you've cottoned to talking about yourself in the third person.

Whirlochre said...

500 words today, all of them new, plus substantial revisions of a couple of chapters.

So, hey — can you unhook the claws for a while so I can walk straight and wear regular trousers?

Robin S. said...

Pushing the rules Rob just edited up and sent out her FIRST query today. Hope that counts!