Friday, February 06, 2009

You know it's summer when... burn your feet not only on sand and concrete, but also on the grass stop wearing make-up, because it slides right back off your face

...the pool is as warm as a bath

...the dog hasn't been walked for three days and she's grateful

...the air smells of smoke from bush fires

...your kids are praying to God for rain dress in inappropriate clothing, just to get some more skin out there to sweat regret gloating about the heat to your friends currently enduring winter, because right now you'd like just one of their lovely snowstorms.

Soccer Boy updates will appear when he, or we, get/s to grips with this teacher.


Whirlochre said...

Rows of roos spread out on stripy towels...?

JaneyV said...

Who needs a barbie? Just put the food out on a rock!
Maybe we should stir the UK and OZ together and live in the resulting perfection. I think it's called New Zealand.

I've come for my threat badge! I also left you a comment on the previous post. I hope it helps with the decision making.

jjdebenedictis said...

...the dog hasn't been walked for three days and she's grateful

LOL! I hope you and the dog get a break soon.

At least the Koala (as opposed to McKoala) is getting to travel to cooler climes. I, um, managed not to get any writing done yesterday...but it is raining here. Think that will help quell the inferno of Koala rage?

Sarah Laurenson said...

We just got our yearly dose of rain. Really is weird living in a desert.

Sorry you're having cookie baking heat.

McKoala said...

Right now The Koala is enraged by the disappearance of her Challenge gadget...all those links...noooooo

Sarah Laurenson said...

Gadget crash? Gadget crash! Oh no!

blogless troll said...

Technically, those weren't days off. I'm borrowing against future production to support current excesses and questionable decisions. Trust me. It's the new smart.

pjd said...

LOL Troll. That is perhaps the funniest thing I've read in months.

Bummer on makeup sliding off your face. But isn't it always fun to have an excuse to wear inappropriate clothing?

Travis Erwin said...

Some of the ice victims are liable to egg your blog for this post.

jjdebenedictis said...

I second PJD's LOL over Troll's comment! :D

Re: makeup sliding off one's face

Ah, brings back memories of being in Hong Kong in August once. I would put on sunscreen and bug spray before going out for the day, and half an hour later, I would be wondering why I bothered, given it was now all absorbed in my socks.

Stuart Neville said...

The terrible fires have been making the news here. I hope you're keeping safe down there.

McKoala said...

BT, no. Just no. Get your bad boy badge.

PJD: but is it fun for the people looking at me? That's the worrying thing.

Travis: go ahead, egg away. They'll just fry and I can have them for lunch.

LOL, JJ. Why were you even wearing socks?!

Stuart, the fires are shocking at the moment. The worst of them are down in Victoria, where they are surpassing every horrific record you could think of. Here in New South Wales most of them seem to be further away from people, or more controlled.

The cooler winds have come through in the past day or so, but we're still waiting for rain. The winds here are moderate, but in Victoria they were so strong that they ended up pushing the fires onwards at incredible speed. The advice here if you can't get away in time is to stay in your home, because the fire front actually passes very quickly, then you run outside and hose down spot fires. I think pretty much everyone who tried that in Victoria died. The fires were just too strong this time.