Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Koala wants to make you smile

After the downer of my last post, I found something special in the news that will hopefully cheer us all up.

True stupidity in action.


pjd said...

"But the video indicates it was a true team effort."

I think you have covered the two extreme ends of the spectrum today. My goodness.

JaneyV said...

What a divine piece of slapstick! You've sent me off to sleep with a smile. Nite-nite!

Phoenix said...

So when did the Koala start referring to herself in the third, ah, personification?

I should know never to click on links. That just leads to clicking on more links. At least this last link made me smile.

Sarah Laurenson said...

What true idiots. I had heard about this, but not seen it 'til now.

Bevie said...

Spouse told me about this and I found it amusing. But seeing it is just hysterical - especially with the news commentary.

Glad I'm not a criminal. I'm sure I'd find myself on some YouTube link.

Have a great day!

sylvia said...

You couldn't write that, it'd get cut as unbelievable!

I wrote 282 words today. Yesterday I was abducted by aliens so I didn't write any words but they said they would leave you a note so you would know that it wasn't my fault but I said they probably shouldn't because you had enough to do without translating letters from aliens.

*looks at her threat level nervously*

McKoala said...

Hi Phoenix!

I found that when it became necessary to issue threats it's so much easier to do in the third person! That Koala, she's mean.

Sylvia, I like that excuse and it did make me smile. Still. Koala threat low for you.

sylvia said...

Saturday: 277 words
Sunday: 381 words

Zipping right along! :)