Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Public Humiliation Challenge

Word count yesterday: 0 due to sweatbox of a work room.

That's the Public Humiliation Challenge in action.

I'll post word counts in each of my posts now in the interests of demonstrating my slackness, sorry, industry. What I'm actually writing is probably of minimal interest so I won't yarn on about it unless it's particularly interesting. JJdeGoblin, I'm challenging you to do the same! And anyone else that wants to play along. I want to see a minimum 100 words up there at least six days a week, actual writing and not blog posts. Only entertaining excuses permitted - those would be ones that make me laugh. Special dispensations for extreme weather conditions, and for tragedy, obviously, although this year the koala clan is hoping fervently for a year without hospital admissions as we have single-handedly kept the Australian medical system afloat in the past twelve months. The tragedy dispensation section does not include broken nails, cranky spouses or homework-eating dogs. It does, however, include Attacks by Baby Koalas (section 5, A (iii)). What do you mean I'm the only one with baby koalas? Too bad. That's not my fault. Yes, Attacks by Baby Koalas can be a tragedy. Haven't you heard of Deadly Drop Bears? Whirl, enlighten them, please.

Anyone who doesn't make the 100 words on at least six days in any one week must come here and confess. Fruit may be thrown. If you don't confess and I find out, big fruit will be thrown.

Um, that's it. This little challenge, by the way, is completely compatible with Aerin's. Imagine, 100 words a day. How fast would that add up to her demand of 1000 a month? Easy peasy!

I'm a-ok for Aerin's challenge, thanks to my entry to Jason's contest at:

I'm number 74, and if you're burning with excitement to read my first 250 words of 2009, that's right here. You'll also find Precie, PJD, Janey, laughingwolf and various other blog buddies over there, but I'll let them find their own entries! Can't remember all of them, m'dears.

However, my work is not yet over. 100 words or more coming up later today.


Whirlochre said...

I'd gladly join in with this one, only I'm on revisions. That said, I have a couple of chapters that simply roll over and let me tickle their bellies, so I may return soon with feeble counts of 48 and 92.

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm taking the pressure of myself by setting myself no targets at all. I'll either write or I won't.

Anyway, the Drop Bears are fearsome around here, I live in constant terror.

blogless troll said...

Count me in. I'll start, er, tomorrow...

Robin S. said...

I'm finagling my final two finagkle-needy chapters, so my word count is editing also, as Whirl's, but I'm working my butt off over here, so I'm in sympathy, my dear.

I have a glorious nine straight days off, no trips, no nuthin', and I intend to use the hell out of them.

Good luck to you!

McKoala said...

Editing definitely counts. More info in next post.

Watch out FH, I think we sent a few of our more criminal bears your way. It was a kind postdated prisoner exchange arrangement, I believe.

jjdebenedictis said...

D'Oh! Blogger did eat my comment!

I'm in. Um. But about today's entry...? Um.

JaneyV said...

Give me a week to re-find my feet then count me in.

Let's see how quickly I cave!

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I'm in, too!