Friday, January 16, 2009

The Public Humiliation Challenge: Editing Counts!

Public Humiliation Challenge wordcount yesterday: 210 words
*Updated to add* Public Humiliation Challenge wordcount today: 1023 words
*Updated again to add* Public Humiliation Challenge wordcount tomorrow (yours, I'm there already): 316 words

Yes, editing counts. I think that editing and rewriting is what makes writing really sing. As long as you work on a chunk that starts at 100 words or more then it counts for the PHC. Even if you edit those words down to 50, 10 or even 1. As long as it's a good word, then it counts. Or you start with 100, rewrite the first sentence ten times and then realise the rest is fine - that counts too. Whack it into your wordcount with pride. Call it editing, so we know what you've been up to.

*Updated to add* Scheming/plotting also counts. See how reasonable I am? All I want is 100 words of progress on whatever you are working on. Drafting, editing, plotting - as long as you feel it's progress then it's in. This is supposed to help us - it's a way of either kicking off something new, or of never losing track of something we're working on - just 100's that easy...and if that kicks off 1000 words that's fine too. But you've still got to write 100 the next day - the whole idea is to keep going!

So signed up so far I think we have:

JJ de Benedictis
Blogless Troll (if tomorrow ever comes)
Maybe Robin (couldn't figure out if that was a in or an out!)

I'll put something up on the side of the blog in due course, but we may have more people joining us.


jjdebenedictis said...

wordcount yesterday: 210 words

*waves pom-poms*

Whirlochre said...

I'm reworking an old scene this morning, reincorporating something I cut a while back whicvh I thought was too much but now realise is perfect.

If I don't get back to you with my word total — demand it. It ought to be shriekingly embarrassing.

Whirlochre said...


And that's not Galactus devouring galaxies you can hear — it's the noise of my considerable suction.

Robin S. said...

Oh. 100 words, not 1000, and eidting counts?? In that case, I'm SO in, girl.

But I'm going to be writing transitions, rewriting a few key scenes, and then reading through, making editing notes on, my entire novel. Not sure how to count all of this, other than the actual scene rewrites?

Anyway, I'm in, and I'm off to write now. I'll check in later to find out how to count my words.

Cool to do this in a group, and alone at the same time!

Sarah Laurenson said...

*sigh* Wish I could join you, but I've never been a 'write every day' gal. Don't have the time unfortunately. I get to do my writing in one big chunk once or twice a week.

Good to see you guys getting together on this. I'll have fun watching your progress.

Robin S. said...

Ok. So far today I'm at 342 words, with more to go. (I used notes to write a scene and a transition.)

Robin S. said...

OK, I just edited several scenes with mini-changes. I'd say I looked over roughly 1500 words, but only actively changed a few hundred.

McK, how do you want us to do this. Give you a final count the next morning (UK or US time)? Because when I write, I'm on and off all day - write a few hours - run an errand - write- run Blondster somewhere - write -- well, you get it.

Looks like you had a good day!

McKoala said...

See? We can do it! 100? It's easy! A mere pittance! We all more than doubled it without even trying! *koala wave for all of us*

Down to the nitty gritty (does it seem like I'm working this out as I'm going along? No, no, really, I had the whole thing worked out precisely from the start...). Robin, I want 100 words altered in some way - even if it's a section in which you end up just changing a bit, I'll count that. Not reading, though. The idea is to at least write or edit 100 words. But sounds like you did heaps anyway!

As for reporting in, either put it at the top of a post on your blog or come here if that's easier. I'm considering plonking a 'sticky' at the top of my blog and I'll just change the total every day, or record my day off. Either way, I know where to find you for any fruit-throwing that may become necessary...

McKoala said...

Timing - end of your day, I think. Then I'll see it all in my evening/ next morning and dole out punishments as necessary. Heh, heh.

JaneyV said...

One week - then I'm in. Honest.

Robin S. said...

OK- I'll make a post with running writing comments and word counts.
Then you can check like a teacher, and do your doling. Sounds good. It will keep me fueled up during a week I really need to stay fueled, so thanks for this!

McKoala said...

Need a week to gather your strength, Janey?!

Go Robin!