Sunday, January 11, 2009

WAP: Writing Action Plan!

Step 1: Join Aerin's 1000 words/month writing challenge (done, see post below for evidence).

Step 2: Stop googling anything suggested by BT (done, for today at any rate)

Step 3: Get cracking on bubbling Clarity of Night idea.

Step 4: Visit JJdeGoblin and chat more about mutual-egging-on.

Step 5: Revise and submit Clarity of Night.

Step 6: Start on something else.

Step 7: Keep going!

Emergency writer's block package
Track down gum leaves.
Keep Whirl ideas to blast away writer's block.

Hold me to it!


JaneyV said...

Ditto. My cunning plan follows a similar route but I have resisted he BT Google Urge so so far that's not been a problem.

Here goes. Best pen forward and all that!

jjdebenedictis said...

Erm. I wrote 179 words yesterday...

Yeah, so ignore the woeful size of that contribution and just match it, okay? :-)

spyscribbler said...

I love it!

What are "Whirl ideas?" That sounds like something interesting you should do a post about. (Well, you probably already have; I just met you, so I need to play in your archives!)

McKoala said...

Janey, stay away from Troll Temptation!

365! Just over 100 too many for Clarity of Night. So now I have to take words away, giving you the opportunity to race ahead. Still, editing is writing, right?

Spy, no need to dig - Whirl is Whirlochre, a blogmonster, either brilliant or insane. For your delight, these are his suggestions for overcoming writer's block:

"Make yourself a hat out of crepe paper.

Daub your face in lippy and other whatnot (stage makeup if you have it).

Stand in front of the mirror.

Speak in tongues till your character has a voice it likes.

Sit down at the computer and roll a die.


1) A love letter
2) Something mysterious
3) Anything p88 of the nearest book inspires you to think
4) Anything beginning 'The day I...'
5) What you smell in the nearest book/drawer/flowerpot/kangaroo
6) With cheese in your heart."

I think you can see why they're in the emergency package. For example, no. 6, which if taken literally would involve carving open my chest and inserting a slice of Edam inside. Mind you, it might work...

jjdebenedictis said...

Woot, me! I did 950 words this morning. So the ball is in the Koala's court again.

*expectant look*

McKoala said...

Cut out just over 100...