Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mmrrrphl, schrrrphl

*sound of rustling as McKoala digs herself out of the remnants of the eucalpyt leaf feast and gazes around blearily*

Just a little something to wake me up - here are ten honest facts about myself, most of which you probably don't need to know, but, hey, let's get this blogging thing revved up and going the easy way. Once upon a time this was a meme, but it's not any more.

1. I don't have single plant in my house, because I can't be bothered looking after them.

2. I pick my nose in the shower.

3. I wanted to be left-handed.

4. I sing really badly.

5. I don't go Brazilian.

6. I hate sport.

7. After dinner I sit down and treat Mr McKoala like a dishwashing, tea-brewing slave.

8. Sometimes when I tell the kids I'm working, I'm just dandling about on the Internet.

9. This is bland.

10. Most of the honest things I can think of are unprintable.


pacatrue said...

Doesn't go Brazilian either. I prefer Argentinean.

JaneyV said...

Life's too short to go Brazillian.

Hubby brings me tea every morning in bed. I prefer to think that he likes to do this because he loves me rather than because he is enslaved. He also is simply much better at cleaning and hoovering etc so I like to let him do that as much as possible. I want him to feel needed.

Pretty much ditto on everything except 1, - I have two house plants; a cyclamen and an orchid which were given to me by people at work. By choice there would be none for the same reason as you gave. And I disagree with 9 - you could never be bland!

Whirlochre said...

The solution to 3 is easy — turn around 180 degrees before you pick anything up or write.

BBJD said...

I was born left handed at a time when people thought it was about the most horrible thing in the world. They made me a 'rightie'. Now I'm all mixed up and do some things right-handed and some left.

Not sure what Brazilian (or Argentinean) is, but I doubt I would go for it either.

Otherwise I'm with JaneyV - except 7. I especially agree with her about 9.


fairyhedgehog said...

McK - I was laughing out loud when I read this so it was a good job I wasn't drinking tea!

Bevie - I have a strong feeling that you're better off not knowing what a Brazilian is.

My uncle was forced to use his right hand and he ended up with a stutter. I hate it when people are forced to go against their nature like that.

Robin S. said...

Love these!

I have one houseplant, and it's my buddy because it lives through living with me and my scattershot watering method. All the other plants inside the house have died.

I was supposed to be right-handed, but I imitated my mother and I'm left-handed. This may explain my lovely coordination skills and follow-on fellow hatred, with you, of sport. I like to watch, but I will not play.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Great list, McK!

And: only in the shower, or also in the shower? ;-)

Stuart Neville said...

The Brazilian thing was a little more info than I really needed.

McKoala said...

You're all making me laugh too! Thanks for all the comments.

More for the lefties...I thought being left-handed (and able to sing) would make me a little bit different, and hence more special. Ironically, Soccer Boy is partially left-handed (I know 'partially' sounds odd, but it's complicated and a saga). I still think it's special, but combined with a muscle problem he has that makes his hands very weak, it's made his life awfully complicated at times. However, we've put no pressure on him to change, we let him find his way naturally. I figure his brain knows what's best, although it may not always seem logical to us.

pjd said...

Paca... Argentinian? I'm shocked. I would have expected Peruvian or Chilean.

McK... "I hate sport"? Hmm. I am not so sure we can be friends any more. I'll have to think about that. (And no, this has nothing to do with the whole anti-Brazilian thing. Some of my best friends don't go Brazilian. Or so they say. I don't have personal knowledge on that point.)

Regarding houseplants: We have several, including some baby cacti in a little plastic starter thing on our windowsill. One of our "house plants" is fake, but my mother-in-law watered it faithfully every day we were gone on a two week vacation many years ago. She was proud that it did not wilt while we were gone. It took us years to let her in on the secret.

McKoala said...

PJD: I have involuntary exposure and help manage my son's soccer team. I'm on the sidelines every weekend. Sometimes I even take a break from chatting to watch.

Does that make me acceptable?

pjd said...

Yes, OK... I guess I can live with that. But I'm watching you. [does the tacky two-fingers-to-eyes-then-point-at-you thing]

blogless troll said...

If you Google "I don't go Brazilian" you only get like 6 or 7 results. Apparently there's only a few of you left.

pacatrue said...

What's scary is that BT had done that research a couple months ago.

Robin S. said...

Heee. JB loves Brazilian. Too damn bad, is what I say.

McKoala said...

Having fun with this one, are you boys?

BT, can you believe you made me google that? Got me again.

sylvia said...

I highly recommend cacti around the house. You get to feel like a caring, green sort of person despite the fact that they only get watered every six weeks. :)

blogless troll said...

You have to put quotes around it.

Chris Eldin said...

I've never even tried Brazilian. I mean, *shudder* how? And the after effects,
we are talking about the waxing, right? Cause if not, I feel stupid.

There's always the sport of eating....

McKoala said...

Waxing, Chris? Were we? Lyrical, of course.

BT, I thought about it very hard before I did any more googling inspired by you. Then I did. Waaay too much info in some of those!

Whirlochre said...

Going Brazilian? Ah. There's nothing like candle wax and a photo of Pele.

As for picking your nose in the shower — better than someone elses, I suppose.

blogless troll said...

I didn't actually read them. You did? Oh. Er, sorry.