Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheep, cheep

Public Humiliation Wordcount 20/1: 225 and I've sorted out a tricky moment, yippee
Public Humiliation wordcount: 173 (and that's 173 words more than would have been written today if it weren't for the challenge - so it's working for me!)

We've been looking after a friend's bird for the past few days; a beautiful rainbow lorikeet. When I was a kid my parents refused to buy a cat or a dog, so they rather uselessly substituted goldfish, then, rather more usefully, a series of budgies. Initially Mum had to take care of them, however, I later became rather handy around them, cleaning them out and feeding them like any responsible mum. So I loved having the imaginatively named 'Birdie' to stay. We kept him on the deck right outside the family room. He was a chatty little thing with a small vocabulary and a cute habit of instant imitation. He could also cough, sneeze and laugh.

Polly dog was fascinated by him and spent hours standing by the cage, just watching, while Birdie taunted her by inching closer, then suddenly leaping to the other side. Polly would race over there, Birdie would hop back, Polly would race back, Birdie would hop back etc. etc. Polly just thought he was the best-ever plaything. When he left this afternoon, she sat by a glass panel next to the door, wistfully watching my friend's van until it was out of sight.

Now I want to have a bird again...however, Mr Koala's loathing of birds is only surpassed by his loathing of cats, and as he would like to assassinate all cats, that's not saying much.

Have you ever had temporary care of a pet - and then wanted one the same?


spyscribbler said...

I love birds! I had a very loving cockateil, but my mother claimed my bird fell in love with her bird, one time when she was petsitting it. She never gave it back. :-)

fairyhedgehog said...

What a shame Mr Koala doesn't like cats or birds. Fish just aren't the same.

blogless troll said...

We recently got our daughter this stupid ass rat thing--I mean hamster. It's already bitten her on the finger. I've already almost stepped on its head. Two totally unrelated incidents... I swear.

JaneyV said...

I get quite fond of other people's dogs. However I have the Pooch now so I'm immune. I don't dislike cats like Mr Koala but I do understand him - not being a cat person either. They seek you out and jump on you and scratch your sweater and they also have a habit of sticking their behinds in your face. In a strange way I respect this behaviour; it's like their saying "so you don't adore me? then you will suffer my attentions".

When I moved into this house I was surprised to find I'd inherited 5 fish and several frogs in a pond. I have grown very fond of them. The fish are Shrek, Fiona, Dragon and there are twins: Donkey 1 and Donkey 2. They care not a toss for me though.

jjdebenedictis said...

This little fella.

He was about three weeks old and lost in the cold, so we kept him overnight and took him to the SPCA the next day. The owners did contact us, so they probably got him back.

But wow, it was hard giving him up! Such a cutie.

McKoala said...

LOL! I've heard cockatiels can be very loving. The lorikeet fell more into the finger-biting category, although if he was in the mood he would let you stroke his tummy.

I know fairyhedgehog! That's what I always told my parents! Mr Koala likes dogs, though, so we have a lovely dog.

I completely believe you, BT. Yeah, right.

Janey, I love the names! Not your idea, I'm guessing!

I remember the lost kitten story. Console yourself with the thought that he's now fully grown - and Janey's comment on cat bottoms.

Robin S. said...

The Blondster received a kitten for her birthday last May, and I was beyond pissed off. She called me and told me (she was at a sleepover when they gave it to her) and I said...tell your friends to take it back. Don't even THINK of bringing that animal home, young lady. We have a cat, and he's old and doesn't need the hassle, and neither do I, I never want another pet after Dale is gone, I've been doing this and doing this and I'm just done.

Madison is now my cat, and she's nine months old, and she sleeps on me at night, and when I'm writing in my little study and she's sleepy, she curls up on her little blankie under the lamp by the printer, and naps while I'm working. Dammit.

fairyhedgehog said...

Robin: that's what cats do to you!

Robin S. said...

By the way, McK, I loved your caption for the truck on EE's blog.
Good one, girl.

McKoala said...

Sometimes disobedient kids do know best!

Stuart Neville said...

Late to this ... I looked after my sister's cockatiel once, and I've now had my own (a stroppy bugger called Django) for going in eight years. I was very, very friendly when he was younger, clingy even, but then I moved house and the change upset him to the point of being cage-bound. :(