Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still no gadgetry...February reporting

It may surprise you to learn that the Koala is not the utter slacker you might think (who said that?) - I've checked back regularly and I'm still missing my gadget editing links, despite much logging in and out. Perhaps I need to dig more deeply into the back end of the  blog, maybe they have moved the access whatsits.

Anyway there's not much point in putting up January now, let's just say you all did very well, even those who didn't, leave it at that, and move on to February. Well, I go straight back to approved after editing 65,000 words. Thank you, thank you.

And youse? How did you go in February? I promise to somehow get this place fixed up and get the points up!


Unknown said...

Okay, so I edited a total of 21,200 words, most on my novel, some on a short story = 4 points, right?
I submitted that short story to 3 magazines = 3 points
14 poetry submissions = 14 points (right?)
And something that isn't mentioned in the rules: I've written (and kept) 360 poems in my lifetime. Earlier this month I read them all, and sorted them into "maybe good enough to publish" and "not." Then further sorted them into categories. If this counts as editing, I'd estimate it was about 50,000 words or 10 points, but I'll claim it as just one point if that seems more fair (which it does to me). I think it is worth points, due to the sheer amount of work it took, and how useful it is in my efforts to get the good ones published.
So at least 21 points, more if you count the poem-sorting project.

Robin B. said...

Much better Feb than Jan, I'm happy to report. Wrote 6K of new, edited 12.5K of the novel, and did a boatload of research as well.

The short story I submitted in Jan was accepted and is being pubbed in March. It's also an excerpt from the novel, so double-yay!

jjdebenedictis said...



Jenna Jones said...

I wrote 30,000 words.

I'm not quite sure how that happened, really.

Whirlochre said...

Losing track of the points here — maybe they've gone to the same place as my marbles.

8000 new words (6000 of which someone paid me to write) and 20000 words of edits.

That's 5 or 6, isn't it?

Cryselle said...
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PD Singer said...

40k words edited 9
1 novel beta'd 1
4 guest blog posts written 4
And 1 big honker novel proofed, which I said I wouldn't count again, but someone hand me a spatula to scrape my brain off the sidewalk please.

Yay Serena and Robin!

Stevie Carroll said...

Only 3,000 words written, but I edited 84,000 so that takes me way past 9 points.

McKoala said...

Some big scores here; just flitting past now but will be back to answer the questions later.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Ok. I claim

2 points for total 10,000 wds edited
4 point for submissions


1 point(?) for a poem I wrote? I don't know how many points we gets for poems...


6 or 7 points?

iasa said...

4168 words written - 1 point
17,426 edited - 3 points

for a total of 4 points

Angie said...

Writing: 13,508 = 5 pts.
Editing: 26,488 = 5 pts.
Beta: 1 novel = 1 pt.
TOTAL: 11 pts.

Sorry for the late report; I was at an awesome writing workshop until yesterday, with no internet in my cabin. Had a great time, though. :D


Angie said...

Oh, and congrats to Robin on the acceptance, yay!! :D

Angie, handing Pam a spatula

Travis Erwin said...

I wrote something around 5K words on fiction, 3K non-fiction as part of freelance work, and sent one query. I could look up how many points that is but I know it's not many and I'm too lazy to do the work necessary to confirm my slacker of a month.

McKoala said...

Secret of Gadgetry all worked out, so I'm off to round up some slackers, then the final results will go up.

I'll give a point for poems of reasonable length - assuming we're not talking haiku or limericks.

Serena - I'll give a point for the organisation, I'm sure it will lead to submissions.

Whirl, I'll check around here for your marbles, but I'm not optimistic.

Travis, you're not the worst, let's put it that way, eh Goblin?

McK x

Sylvia said...

*slinks in*

I'm just REALLY REALLY slow at counting.

Submissions: 5
New words written: 1000
Words Edited: 7.2k (1 point)
Novel Submissions: 21 (but only one novel obviously)

ALSO I've been to the gym 2-3 times a week for the entire month, so I might have a chance of outrunning the goblin.

jjdebenedictis said...

Travis, you're not the worst, let's put it that way, eh Goblin?

*sniffles in shame*

Unknown said...

Hello! I was AWOL for February and March, but I'm looking forward to getting back in on the action come April.

And I suppose I still have a couple of days before March is over - maybe I can wrangle a couple of points :)

Angie said...

Anyone around? Tech side of the blog still being ornery? :(

Angie, leaving eucalyptus snacks

McKoala said...

*munch snurfle burp*

Still around and even figured out the techy bit, just didn't have time to actually fix it - see new post!

Stacy said...

Gah. I don't know how I did because I was writing scripts and not prose. I didn't bother with counting words, because scripts are so much lighter than stories in terms of words. I wonder if we could add a clause, where, if you're writing a script, you hit a certain number of pages per month to get approved?