Wednesday, April 04, 2012

McK lives! And March reporting.

Ahem. If you think I'm running behind here, you should see my 'to do' pile at the office... I figure you all know which badge to take, I haven't seen any rampant cheating (apart from Whirl, of course, but that's normal), so I'm trusting you... up to a point.

How was March? I remain on approved, having edited 30,000 words and written about 5000. *preens fur smugly*


Unknown said...

Well, I'm reporting a bust for March - zero points. But at least I'm reporting again! And there's a long weekend in April so I'm going to kick some serious wordcount :)

Unknown said...

Edited 12000 words of my novel
Wrote a total of 7700 words in various projects
11 poetry submissions and 1 short story submission
and 1 novel betaed and feedbacked, much to the delight of its author.
17 points total, if I did my math right.

Robin B. said...

March was my best month in well over a year, I'm pretty sure. Finally!

Wrote a query for the new novel = 1 point.

Beta read a novel for a friend = 1 point

Edited somewhere upwards of 10K = uh...don't know, what is that, 2 points...3?

Wrote 16K of new prose = 8 points.

Cryselle said...
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PD Singer said...

1 novel beta read
3 guest blog posts
11 50k words edited
1 major marketing effort (went to Rainbow Book Fair/publisher conference; it involved a plane ticket

1 novel launched, 0 fingernails left.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Well, poop. Just hand me the pliers; I'll pull them out myself, this has been such an unproductive month. I spent the whole month bludgeoning the same story and it *still* isn't subable. At most I can claim

1 point.

So depressing when everything refuses to gel >:[

Angie said...

Writing: 5997 words = 1
Editing: 114,093 words = 23
Sub: 1 loooong novel = 1
TOTAL = 25 points

I didn't look at my total until April, so of course I didn't have a chance to write another Three Freaking Words to get another writing point. [headdesk]


PS -- glad you're back! :D

Jenna Jones said...

37,333 words written

17 points

Unknown said...

Angie: Gee, you're painfully honest. I'd have just rounded up.

Angie said...

Serena -- thanks, LOL! It's become sort of a running joke, actually. I have this talent for missing an extra point by some tiny number of words. :P I track it exactly, though, so I report it exactly, and if I can have a laugh at the same time, that's cool. :)


jjdebenedictis said...

One request for a full, so I think I get a "Koala approves", even though I've already gotten the rejection email.

I also wrote over the bare minimum of 4,000, so one point earned the honest way.

McKoala said...

Serena, Angie, Pam, Robin and Jenna are putting the rest of us to shame.

Let's start with you, Goblin. Hand over the pliers.

OK, now do better next month if you want to save the other nine. Motheree, Julia same deal.

Unknown said...

Gah! Me toenails!

Never fret, already doing better this month :) Do we get points for submissions to agent-run competitions at all?

jjdebenedictis said...



McKoala said...

Yes, nine-toenailed one, you can have a point for that.

Whirlochre said...

I'll chip in with 8000 new words and roughly the same amount of edits. Also, some querying (and a cake).

Which must be 3 or 4 points.

Stevie Carroll said...

I'm sure I posted my total last night...

Stevie Carroll said...

So, last month I:

Wrote a little over 4,000 words.

Wrote two guest blog posts and one blog hop post.

Recorded two audio stories, one of which was excerpted by my publisher for promo purposes.

Designed a postcard to advertise an upcoming reading slot at a convention.

Selected photos for one or two posters and a photobook to go with my Kickstarter launch of the short story collection.

Oh, and I wrote many, many words for various Day Job and freelance projects.

How many points does all that come to?

Sarah Laurenson said...

There's still a blogosphere? I wasn't sure since I hadn't seen it in well over a month (apparently). This volunter gig is kicking my poor writing ass. No toe nails left to give, I'm sure.

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