Monday, May 07, 2012

McK is soooo unreliable!

But that would be because I've been working so hard and editing so much, really, really, really.

So with 35,000 edited and another 5000 written I'm safe. And youse?


Jenna Jones said...

(I really want to add LIKE A BOSS after all of this. It was a good month.)

108,000 words edited: 21 points
17,565 words written: 7 points
1 synopsis written: 1 point
1 novel submitted: 1 point

And if a story exchange on Goodreads counts:
1 short story submitted: 1 point

J P Hannan said...

Oh I forgot. I don't do this!

Unknown said...

I think I might be getting the wrong idea of what things are normally like around here.

Edited 4000 words
Wrote 6800 words
6 poetry submissions
Also sent my novel to a friend to beta-read it; does that count for points? Probably not?
Also 3 of the poems I submitted a month or so ago have been accepted. Woo!

Robin B. said...

12,000 new words written on novel.
1,000 lines and mini-scenes written as well, so 13K in total.

Reread approx 40K and edited, switched things around, took some dead wood out, that kind of thing.

Don't know exactly how many points that is, but it's gotta get me i good territory, right?

Angie said...

Hey, you're back! Was hoping you were okay. :)

Writing: 5058 = 1pt
Editing: 67,875 = 13pts
TOTAL = 14 pts

No subs this month, sucky writing, but lots of editing. That's probably not going to change this month, either, with my novel in process. I'm going to have about 5 days to do edits on 114K words toward the end of May, then it's going through two rounds of proofing (which I'll get to go over and make changes on) and they're looking to release in late July. [flail]

Still wish I were writing more, but at least I'll have a new book out soon, which is very cool. :)


PJD said...

To be honest, I have no idea. I do know that in April I wrote a lot. My WIP started April at about 20,000 words (if I recall) and finished at about 39,000 words. (Already at 46,000 today, so I'm in good shape for May already.) I'm sure I did a bunch of other stuff, too, but a little jaunt to a third world country interfered a bit.

jjdebenedictis said...

6,700 words written, so only two points.

And that toenail you ripped out FOR NO GOOD REASON is growing back nicely.

PD Singer said...

17k written 7 pts
1 novel beta read 1
35k words edited 7
2 guest blogs posts 2

I think I'm safe.

Whoot to Jenna, yay on the novel, and yay on Angie's novel too! Looks like a lot of folks in good territory.

McKoala said...

Ah, Serena, as the posts above show, there is no such thing as a typical month. Scores range from twenty plus down to zero zero zero, which is what keeps my Goblin happy. All those twenty pluses make me feel throughly inadequate, but then I remember I need to sleep sometimes, and apparently they don't, so... While I'm mentioning, congrats to all you high scorers and acceptance-people! And then Peter usually throws in something about international travel, and Iasa's usually been living in a cave somewhere in South America. What was I talking about? Random? Who said that?

Ah, Goblin, it is my job to keep you in line, hence the occasional random toenail pull just to show you who's really the boss - SO YOU'RE WELCOME MY PET.

JP Hannan - ah, memories. My first ever smackdown. Good times. Come back, any time!

Unknown said...

Alas, work was hard-core and I spent too much time building a Old West town in Minecraft - 1 point only. :-/

Stevie Carroll said...

All I managed was three guest blog posts, but I seem to be writing again this month,

Mother (Re)produces. said...

Oh, man.
I'm really fighting to keep my toenails, here. I haven't done any writing this month, and since the only thing I revised was the same thing I revised last month and I don't honestly feel I've improved it at all, I can't claim any points.

I claim 3 points for my three subs.
Better luck next month.

Whirlochre said...

So late, I'm bound to get my botty smacked even if I revealed I'd written a trilogy.

5000 words writ, about the same edited, plus 6000 words of farmyard dialogue and some articles.


Unknown said...

By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm taking May off. Loads of stuff just came up (like, serious life changes), and I need some time to make sure I have a place to eat, sleep, and write for the rest of the year.

McKoala said...

Julia, Beware the Evil Power of Minecraft!

Goblin, make a light snack on a couple of Stevie's toenails, just to keep her focused.

Motheree, saved by subs.

Whirl, McK can't really punish lateness at the moment due to her own slackness. Otherwise...

Serena, McKoala is sometimes sympathetic to life circumstances and it seems like this qualifies. Hands off, Goblin.

jjdebenedictis said...

*crunch, crunch*

I restricted myself to only two of Stevie's toenails, but they are quite delicious.

Robin B. said...


Mother (Re)produces. said...

O, eucalyptically anointed one! It's half past June! I wrote my CV this month- that surely counts as fiction! I claim a point!