Thursday, August 02, 2012

McK is still a-slacking - and moving!

No writing, although I will admit to one submission. Oh, yes, and submission to the Moving Beast. The McK clan is on the move again - this time to the the US. So keep up your valiant efforts and when McK settles again, she will be back...oh, yes...she will be baaaaaaaaack...


PJD said...

Welcome to the States. Though I have no idea why you'd want to come here in an election year.

I didn't really keep track in July, but I think I wrote about 25,000 words. Not bad.

Jenna Jones said...

Good luck with the move!

I wrote 28,000 words and made 1 submission. I'll just claim ten points for the month.

I also hit my yearly goal of 200,000 words, so I've decided to try to 300,000 for the year.

jjdebenedictis said...

I have ten points from writing, and I also did that many again with editing, plus I did a full beta read of someone's manuscript.

I am frolicking wantonly in my points this month.

PD Singer said...

Hope nothing of importance gets lost in the move!

23k words written keeps me out of clawing range, and it was such a frazzly month with galleys and edits and stuff that I quit counting.

And I am the proud owner of Angie's latest, which she should come over and mention. Applause to everyone with cause to frolic!

Stevie Carroll said...
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Stevie Carroll said...

A pretty good month, I think:

Three guest blog posts = 3 points

12,945 words written = 5 points

5,000 words edited = 1 point (I actually edited the same words twice over, but I'll just take the one point for them)

Giving me a total of nine points, and making for a happy Koala.

Good luck with the move.

Unknown said...

I did bad. 1 point for editing, 2 for submissions.

iasa said...

I haven't written anything in three or four months due to a death in the family, loss of my job, and a breakup with my long time boyfriend. I have since grieved, dealt with probate, replaced my man with a dog and decided to forgo the job search.

I'm determined to come back in August with a steaming plethora of points.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

I've lost the will to word this month.