Monday, September 24, 2012

A home among the aspens

It's not the same as the eucalypt, but McK is settling into the Land of Aspens. No writing to report as we haven't quite moved into the Actual Home Aspen yet. All well, but all busy! And youse?


Stevie Carroll said...

I've been very busy. In August, I managed:

Not many words written, but...

25,000 words edited for 5 points

3 guest blog posts for 3 points

I also made a little eBook for the UK Meet USB stick give-away, and began posting every week for Six Sentence Sunday.

So that's at least 8 points, making for a mostly happy Koala, assume.

Still busy editing, so shall update for September later.

Stevie Carroll said...

That is to say, I've been very busy with non-writing things. Hope the settling in continues for McKoala.

jjdebenedictis said...

Congratulations on the new place! And ah, the freedom of not fearing for your buttocks vis a vis the danger of spider attacks in public restrooms.

I only edited in September, but I maxed out on the Koala points by doing so. So hurray! My buttocks are safe too! (For a month, anyway.)

jjdebenedictis said...

PS - Is this a video of you? If so, you must have been tired from moving the Ecalypt, for I see no blood on that terribly presumptuous human.

PD Singer said...

Hmm, there are many aspens near my home, though they aren't so fragrant or tasty as the eucalypt of the Antipodes. We might be neighbors, in which case I shall quake in greater fear of slacking off.

64k words edited and blurbs written for one novel (safe!)

1 book beta'd

25k written. 14k chucked out for not working. 11k net kept, many tears shed. Perhaps I should just claim 1 point for every fluid ounce of tears?

Unknown said...

Clearly not me. The Koala does not deign to be tickled. And her ears are trimmed with razor blades.

Unknown said...

Hm, Blogger does not seem to recognize me as the owner of this blog anymore. Interesting. A challenge for another day.